Locust School


During 2021 along with the rest of the community, the school was still struggling with the collateral damage of COVID-19, but was still able to host four school tours for a total of 206 people.  The photos speak to the fun time the students have as they experience a school day in a different era.


At the present time the Committee is in the process of evaluating the work that has been done and how to proceed for the preservation of the school and its future direction.  THANK YOU to those new members who have stepped forward to help with charting this direction and a huge THANK YOU to those Committee members who have worked so hard in the past and are willing to lend their expertise to the new Committee members.





WCHS owns and maintains the one-room Locust School. The school is maintained as a living history site where school classes are able to visit and experience a typical school day of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The school was built in 1854 of rock quarried from a farm one-half mile west of the school site (the Ruffridge Farm).

Click here to view a video of the school.

The physical address for the school is, 1640 Big Canoe Rd. It’s at the intersection of W38 and A26.

The restoration project at Locust School is progressing in spite of all of our rain. It is with great pleasure we offer these pictures to show our progress. One of the issues that needed to be addressed was the moisture in the basement. The County Supervisors authorized the County Engineer to create a culvert which has alleviated the “wading pool” in the ditch in front of the school. As the restoration has progressed a pump with drain tile has been installed to als0 address the issue. As with any historic building restoration, more problems have arisen which has resulted in increased costs. Your help is needed to complete this work and help this historic building retain its integrity for many generations to come. Our deepest gratitude goes to those individuals and businesses listed below for all of their support. A GoFundMe account is set up–see Also any donations may be sent to WCHS, Locust School, P. O. Box 63, Decorah, IA 52101.


Kevin Lee                                            Lise Hedstrom

Kyrl Henderson                                 Tom Williams

Andrea Oevering                             Jo Iverson

Natasha Quam                                  Brita Nelson                                      

Jerry & Elaine Thompson                John Williams

Scott Heffern                                     Elizabeth Tilleros

LaVonne Sharp                                  Pat & Paul Johnson

Sonja Sola                                           Karen Lee

Albert Anderson                               Connie & Gary Tilleros

Dennis Magnuson                             Dean & Virginia Darling

George & Joann Hagen                    Karol Pfister

Dale & Sandy Headington               Earl & Marian Knoke

Duane Oyen                                       Jane (S. J. & J. L.) Mckernan

Marilyn Holland                                 Lyle & Sue Otte

Dwight Seegmiller                             Roger & Darlene Bjerke

JoAnn & Richard Cole                       Luke Schissel

Jerene Jacobson                                William Sherman

Lillian Bruvold                                   Stan & Fran Jeffers

Marvin Wicks                                     Vernon Gavle

Ruth Stortz                                         Walter Langland

Diane M. & Gary E. Graves              Mark & Carlene Monson

Kenneth & Gloria Nordheim           David H. Andrae

James & Phyllis Nesteby                  Gerald F. Severson

Amy Ellickson Ryan                         Verla & Vincent Williams

Warren & Shirley Wise                  Bruce Hovden

Ed & Joyce Epperly                          Marcia Carmack

Delores C. Brooks                            Carol Bergan

Decorah/Cresco Bank & Trust      Sylvia & Clair Steine

Sandra K. Bigler Schultz                  Glen Larson

Wiltgen Construction