WCHS Officers, Directors, Committees 04 14 18

Ferneva Brimacomb, President

Roger Bergan, Vice President

Sandy Stover, Treasurer

LaVonne Sharp, Secretary

The WCHS Board of Directors is made up of a representative from every township in the County and one for the city of Decorah. Throughout the year each director is responsible for a program about their township. The program is given at the monthly membership meeting which is open to the public.
Current township directors are:

Bloomfield Twp., Elizabeth Lorentzen

Bluffton Twp., Ferneva Brimacomb

Burr Oak Twp., Cindy Schnitzler

Calmar Twp., Kim Glock

Canoe Twp., LaVonne Sharp

Decorah Twp., Stacey Gossling

Decorah City, Sharon Rossman

Frankville Twp., Loren Brandt

Fremont Twp., Ferneva Brimacomb

Glenwood Twp., LaVonne Bjergum

Hesper Twp., Lester Korsness

Highland Twp., Mildred Danielson

Jackson Twp., Helen Pinter

Lincoln Twp., Roger Bergan

Madison Twp., Carleton Haugen

Military Twp., Karl Schroeder

Orleans Twp., Cynthia Hovey

Pleasant Twp., Paul Hexom

Springfield Twp., John Kuennen

Sumner Twp., Janet Houdek

Washington Twp., LaVonne Sharp